Powerful website monitoring tools that go and above and beyond traditional monitoring.  This is website monitoring on steriods!

Automated checks


At the heart of what we do is our automated checks. Twice a day, public records are checked and verified against our own best practice standards.  We call these GURU Protect Practice (GPP for short).  Websites are checked every two minutes to ensure they are responding. The dashboard has easy colours and alerts to let you know what needs to be changed and secured.



  • Checks website is reachable from 3 locations in and around Europe every two minutes.
  • Checks and verifies website certificates are correct.
  • Alerts you when it is down (and up) including security checks.
  • Provides overall uptime percentage for each check location.
  • Checks host is not on any known blacklists. 

Website Security


  • Checks host SSL setup and certificate expiry and alerts you when it’s due to expire.
  • Scans the website for Malware and checks certificate security is correctly applied.
  • Deep dive into the hosting environment with location aware checks.
  • Hold the hosting company to account. 

Need More? 

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