Automated Email Security For Busy Teams

Protect your team from Fraud, Malware & Phishing

Guru Protect protects your team from Fraud, Malware and Phishing by stopping malicious emails before they even reach their inboxes. This allows you to focus on what is most important, running your business.


Avoid the JUNK Trap

Guru Protect ensures that your business’s outbound emails are delivered with the latest and most secure email security standards applied. This reduces the loss of clients, with the prevention of poor email domain reputation ensuring the delivery of your emails to organisations of all sizes.


Brand Protection Hero

Guru Protect offers your email domain security, preventing anyone else from using it. Without this protection, malicious emails can be sent through your domain without detection, damaging your business and brand.


Stop Spoofing

Guru Protect stops spoofing dead in its tracks. Guru Protect secures your domain from impersonation and monitors known copycat domains further securing your emails and protecting your team.

Inbound Email

Guru Protect monitors your inbound email before its delivered to you, filtering out Cyber-crime and protecting what is most important to you.

  • Removal of Fraud, Malware and Phishing related emails.
  • No quarantine – Tags Bulk and Risky emails only.
  • Guru Protect’s Cyber-crime detection data is updated every 15 min.
  • Multiple redundancies and failovers are built in.
Inbound Email
Outbound Email

Outbound Email

Guru Protect monitors your outbound emails, ensuring it gets delivered correctly and securely. 

  • We monitor email sources every 15 min and apply the latest updates.
  • We automatically apply email security to current standards.
  • We stop spoofing (copycat emails) from being sent.
  • We setup your email to pass Enterprise Grade filtering ensuring that regardless of your business size, you are protected with the best.

Email Reporting

Guru protect keeps an eye on your email with 24/7 monitoring and reporting making sure no matter what time of day it is, you are always protected

  • Monitor the quantity of emails that are sent and received by your team.
  • Check your email security score where ever you are.
  • Be alerted as to which emails we rejected (only those that are fraud, malware or phishing).
  • Regular reporting of statistics sent straight to your inbox.

Automated Process

Guru Protect benefits from a “Once setup – click and forget” system, it’s as easy as that

  • No ongoing changes required by you.
  • Guru Protect automatically applies any required configuration changes.
  • Guru Protect provides full visibility of any changes that are made.
  • Automated changes are applied to current standards.

No Technical knowledge required

There is no need to have any prior knowledge of IT. Guru Protect benefits from the following:

  • Everything is written in plain English.
  • Simple elegant design, with user friendly interface.
  • No need to have your “IT Person” handle email security, everything is done through Guru Protect.
  • If you get stuck, you can consult the Guru Protect’s guided section tutorials.
No Technical Knowledge

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