Powerful Domain security tools that go above and beyond traditional domain security.  Domains are vital for your customers communication and brand management.

Automated checks


At the heart of what we do is our automated checks. Twice a day, public records are checked and verified against our own best practice standards.  We call these GURU Protect Practice (GPP for short).  The dashboard has easy colours and alerts to let you know what needs to be changed and secured.



  • Phishing checks lookup registered domains with misspelled or TLD swaps.
  • Risk profile scoring and website content match percentage of known registered phishing domains.
  • Use these to blacklist within your customers email system to help prevent Phishing attacks.



Public DNS


  • DNS name server checks and zone configuration checks twice daily.
  • Checks Name Servers are online every two minutes.
  • Checks configuration and security profile of email servers and MX records.
  • Checks DNS Zone files for GPP (GURU Protect Practice).
  • Keeps a log of changes made to Zone files & Name Servers.





  • DNSSEC configuration check for signed zone files.
  • Checks configuration against GPP (GURU Protect Practice).
  • List of registered certificates for the domain from public records.
  • Alerting reminders before certificate expiry.
  • Keep track of all domain certificates.



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