Do you know how many emails are predicted to be sent and received each day in 2020?

How would you cope if one of your customers required all of your time for the next 50 days?

What do these questions have in common?

You may know the link between these questions, after all you’re in IT, and you are pretty sharp. However, you will still fail to help clients with email – this is why.

I have recently been helping a large global organisation with their email security and what shocked me is the amount of inbound email (from external sources) that is configured incorrectly. Many of the problems originate from large public organisations, with IT departments, that should know better. Here is what I found:

  • Domains with multiple SPF records
  • Domains that have too many SPF include lookups
  • DMARC reporting emails incorrectly configured
  • Email not signed properly
  • Large scale Spoofing
  • Users who have no clue about how email works

If large organisations cant get this right, then your clients, will certainly not have it configured correctly. Many organisations are now adding email security as this is the number one source of security issues, and so having these configured correctly is key to email deliverability.

You have little time and resources to do this manually, so how can you help your clients?

I am glad you asked. But first, lets go back to the first two questions.

You are well aware of the importance of email, you use it daily to communicate with your customers and suppliers, and so you are probably not surprised to learn the answer to the first question is 306 billion. That’s a lot of emails sent and received every day. For a bonus point, how many of those are spam or have a malicious content? The answer varies, but around 20% fall into this category. That’s 61 billion emails everyday.

So what about 50 days? This is, on average, the number of resource days it takes to fix a cyber attack. I know you know how much work is involved, I am sure you have heard the horror stories. The point is more a reminder that all it takes it 1 of the billion emails per day which may be malicious for your time to zapped.

So, unless you specialise in email security, you unfortunately will always fail to help customers with email.

You want to avoid failure, but all is not lost, you can win with these 7 easy steps.

  1. Setup SPF correctly, checking include remuneration is key.
  2. Ensure all emails are correctly DKIM signed.
  3. Configure DMARC records and check analysis reports for problems.
  4. Add email security as a service to your clients.
  5. Educate users on the signs to look for to avoid phishing emails.
  6. Check misspelled or TLD swapped domains for possible phishing sources.
  7. Check and repeat 1-6 daily!

How can I help you?

For 1-3 you can use my SPF/DKIM/DMARC DNS record tool, its free and available here:

For 4 – I am developing an out of the box service, which you can simply add client domains too, if you want to be one of the first, contact me for further details.

For 5, sign up to my community and you can download resources which are ready to send to your clients for free.

For 6 – My domain service does this everyday – you can find out more here

For 7 – I am working on this, contact me and tell me how I can help give you time back.

So there you have it, 7 simple effective ways to stop you failing with customer email. I would love to hear your stories and feedback so let me know in the comments.

Keep smiling, keep winning and together we can Improve IT Security For Businesses Globally.